The Humble Mobile Bundle 4 was already really great. Zombie Gunship, Riptide GP2, Badland... I mean, these are games you should have already picked up from Google Play, but you can save money with the bundle. Now the deal is even sweeter with three more games for those who pay more than the average price (currently sitting at $3.69).

The new titles are OLO, Color Sheep, and Gunslugs. OLO is a modern multiplayer board game, Color Sheep is an arcade shooter, and Gunslugs is a platformer. These are all pretty popular games in Google Play which would cost you about as much as the entire bundle if bought there. Of course, if you get the Humble Bundle now it includes Zombie Gunship, Riptide GP2, Badland, Vector, Catan, and Breach & Clear too.

This deal is valid for any new purchases as well as those who got the bundle before. Just go back to the download page to get your new games. The Humble Mobile Bundle 4 is available through Tuesday, March 18 at 11AM Pacific.

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