With people relying on Google's office suite more extensively as a result of its Android integration or the inability to use much of anything else on a Chromebook, the company needs to do more to fill in the gaps in the software's functionality. So now the company has rolled out add-ons support for Google Docs and Sheets (the new version). Similar to browser extensions, these tools provide additional features and third-party integration that enhance what the two programs are capable of.

The new "Add-ons" option is tucked away in the menu bar, and in it you can easily search for and install new extensions. The window that pops up resembles a mini Chrome web store.



The functionality ranges from setting up a table of contents and making address labels to embedding tweets straight into your documents.


The feature is available immediately, so let those creative juices flow. All you have to do is fire up Docs or Sheets (again, this version) and away you go.

Source: Google Drive Blog