Update: It's come to our attention that, according to the LinkedIn profiles of two of GreenThrottle's founders, the company was almost definitely bought by Google last November, when GreenThrottle announced its impending shutdown. Both Matt Crowley and Karl Townsend list Google as their sole employer since November of 2013:

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This almost definitely means the company was purchased last November, not more recently. Granted, there was still very little news coming out of Green Throttle at that time, so who knows what kind of situation they were facing when Google swooped in, though I can only guess it probably ended up being a good deal for Google more than it did GT.

Thanks, Ron!

I wasn't exactly hot on Green Throttle when the company announced its first product - a Bluetooth game controller, a smartphone app, and an MHL cable - two and half years ago. Back in November last year, it seemed my misgivings were finally bearing fruit - the company essentially announced it was closing up shop, discontinuing its app, and ending all support for current users. Everything but the end of the company's post pointed to going bust or getting spun off into some equally mediocre product, but a few words from the Green Throttle team gave a small glimmer of hope: "Stick around and we'll keep you posted on the evolution of Green Throttle."


Well, 4 months down the road, sticking around still didn't seem to be panning out as a strategy, until today. Blog of all things startup-y PandoDaily is reporting that Google recently purchased the remains of Green Throttle ("parts and labor"), and has hired at least some of the company's former employees. Two of the company's co-founders will join Google, though the third co-founder, CEO Charles Huang, did not make the move, and will retain control of the Green Throttle brand. This may simply mean Huang is holding on to the trademark and some reciprocal IP in a hope to leverage it some day, we don't really know.

The amount of money changing hands isn't known, though Google has allegedly confirmed to Pando that an arrangement is in place, and a source tells them that the transaction was largely motivated by Green Throttle's Bluetooth prowess. So, does that mean an Android gaming console or set top box with is imminently on the horizon, and that Green Throttle's former management will guide development of an accompanying gamepad? As with all things M&A, it's impossible to say just what Google plans on doing with its new possession, though "something" is probably a good bet.