Following last week's big update, the Pebble smartwatch now has a centralized app store where Android users can find nifty content for their monochromatic watch. What next? The team is kicking off the Pebble App Challenge, offering up $5,000 to the app developer who finishes first and a Pebble Steel for each of the top 16 finalists. Users get new apps, some developers get nice stuff, and we the public get to watch the action firsthand.


The challenge starts today, with developers having until 5pm PST March 23rd to make submissions. Between March 24th and the 27th, developers, Pebble owners, and the broader public will vote for their favorite apps, with the top sixteen moving on to the final round of the competition. Then, in the first week of April, Pebble users only will get to vote on a different match each day until one finalist is left standing, with each battle taking place on the homepage of the new Pebble app store.

If you think you and your app have what it takes to win, hit up the link below to sign up.

Pebble App Challenge