Got a Chromebook and an itch to broaden your musical horizons? Then check out this promotional page. According to a new post on Google+, Chromebook owners now have access to an exclusive deal for Google Play Music. Owners of (almost) any Chromebook can get a full 60 days of All Access, with unlimited streaming and radio playlists, for free. That's double the length of the standard trial.


According to this support page, the original Google Cr-48, the Acer AC700, and the Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks are ineligible for the bonus time (though owners of these laptops could still go for the 30-day trial, I suppose). The promotion will be in place until September 30th of this year - that is, you've got until 9-30 to start your 60-day trial - so newer models like those fancy new Samsung Chromebooks should be eligible when they land.

Of course, once you activate the trial from your Chromebook, you'll have unlimited access to Google Music All access on your phone, tablet, regular PC browser, and anything else you can convince to connect to the Internet. That includes downloading/caching songs on your Android devices. After your trial period (whether it's 30 or 60 days) All Access costs $9.99 a month, comparable with other subscription music services.

Source: Google Chromebook page