You may have noticed that we cover a lot of games here. That means that there are lots of developers who contact us hoping for some coverage... and some are more deserving than others. I literally cannot count how many half-hearted endless runners we've been shown, and it's only gotten worse since the rise and fall of Flappy Bird. So when someone shows us a game that turns the entire genre on its head and lets you play against those annoying running jerks, we stood up and took notice.

In Not So Fast, you are a nebulous and angry entity who controls the void through which hundreds and hundreds of stick figures run. It's your job to make sure that each and every one of them dies horribly and painfully (or, since the graphics are pretty basic, just make sure they hit something and disappear). At the start of the game you can only drop basic blocks to bar their path, thinning out the herd and advancing through levels. As you continue, you'll get access to more devious items, like floating blocks, bombs, spider webs, and nearly-invisible traps. As you mow down hundreds of helpless stick men, you're torn between the drive to accomplish your own nefarious goals and a grudging admiration for that one slippery runner who's wise to all your tricks. (By the way, you need to tap the tool icon each time you place a new hazard - that's the one gameplay element that isn't explained very well.)

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Not So Fast taps into that malevolent feeling that truly good dungeon masters cultivate, tasking you with creating ever more devious gauntlets for the stickmen to run through. The graphics and sound of this Unity Engine game aren't anything to write home about, but the developer gets major points for creatively breaking the mold. Not So Fast is just one dollar with no ads or in-app purchases.

Not So Fast
Not So Fast
Developer: Elemental Zeal
Price: Free