HTC's upcoming flagship is leaking left and right in all sorts of ways. We've seen press images from numerous carriers, and there was that long video "review" as well. Now we've got something you can enjoy on your own device. The wallpapers and sounds from the M8 have appeared online, and you can grab them now.

wallpapers_12 wallpapers_13

The wallpapers have a mix of geometric and nature themes – close-ups of flowers, plants, and abstract lines. The files have a resolution of 2160x1920, which indicates HTC is going with a scrolling wallpaper homescreen like most other devices (also looking like more confirmation of a 1080p screen, not something crazy). Last year's HTC One used 1920x1080 images that didn't scroll. Note, we only have a few images embedded here (the ZIP below has all 18). The sounds also have a nature vibe. In fact, the ringtones, alarms, and notifications are all named after flowers. The system UI sounds are still descriptively named, though. Most of the tones are subtle and a little on the quiet side. Although, the new One is going to have those big BoomSound speakers.

wallpapers_04 wallpapers_07 wallpapers_08

You can use any of these files on your Android device. Just drop the wallpapers wherever you want and set as background. The ringtones, alarms, and notifications just need to go in the right internal storage folder. You can replace the corresponding sound folders in your system root directory if you have the necessary access, which will also swap out the system UI sounds. Grab the ZIP files mirrored below if you're interested.

[XDA – Thanks, Pedro and Chris]