When you're copying text, it's usually so you can do something with it. Mime-O might be able to save you a few taps with it's clipboard popup. Each time you copy some text, Mime-O offers to drop it into a message, look up a definition, or send it right to your computer clipboard. This app came out a few weeks ago, but it's new to us.

The app consists of a few small buttons at the bottom of your screen. They only show up immediately after copying text, but you can trigger all three of the aforementioned functions right there. The clips it scans can be viewed in the app later, but I don't see any way to secure the app (problematic). There is also a server app you have to run on the computer to catch the clipboard text. Be aware, you need to explicitly start Mime-O and it runs a low-priority notification to stay active.

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Mime-O has a mix of features from apps like Push Bullet and Clipper. It can send text like Pushbullet, but it goes right to the clipboard and there are fewer options. It also stores your clipboard content like Clipper (and Type Machine, for that matter), but it's not always silently running in the background. That dictionary trick is pretty neat, though. This is an interesting app and it's free if you want to check it out.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

[Thanks, +Leo Nidas]