For custom ROM addicts, the custom recovery is an essential tool, and lately Team Win Recovery Project (usually shortened to "TWRP") has been the most popular option as of late. Today Team Win upgraded the core recovery to version, with more new features than you can shake a stick at. The latest version is available for dozens of officially-supported devices on the Project website.

eIDZ fYob

Among the more interesting additions in TWRP 2.7 are sideloading from the /tmp directory on encrypted devices, support for a mouse via a USB OTG connection (for devices with broken touchscreens), haptic feedback for buttons and finishing actions, and caps lock support for keyboards. Most of the rest of the changes are bug fixes, including notable changes for better SELinux support, faster graphical rendering, and an updated version of the popular SuperSU root app (1.93).

If you're a regular custom ROM user, you know what to do: download the appropriate recovery image to your computer, reboot your phone into fastboot mode, and flash the recovery over the USB connection (this isn't the only way to do it of course, but this is the most popular). If you're rusty on the process, check your favorite Android user forum.

Remember that new recovery builds sometimes cause problems when flashing new ROMs, so make sure to keep backups of your stable system, preferably from before and after you apply the new build.

Source: Team Win Recovery Project