Despite the silly name, Samsung's Milk Music service seems like a handy thing to have. It offers unlimited ad-free streaming of hundreds of music stations with the ability to create and refine your own stations. However, it's only for Samsung phones. If you have root access, there's a way around that and it's not even very hard.

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You're going to need a capable file manager with root support. Total Commander is good, as is Root Explorer. First, find and back up your build.prop file in the /system directory (it can be restored later). Now open the build.prop and find the product, brand, and manufacturer lines. If you are using a Nexus 5, for example, those lines read 'Nexus 5' and 'Google.' It will be different for every phone. Edit the lines to read as follows.

ro.product.model=Galaxy S4



Samsung isn't plugging into any deep, dark services in its devices to make Milk work – it just checks the build.prop. Go ahead and grab the APK mirrored below and install it, then reboot. You'll be able to stream music just fine, but not log into a Samsung account for syncing stations. Because this is US only, you'll need a US VPN if using Milk in another country.

APK Download

File name:

Version: 1.0.176956

MD5: dec6f97983f6a00814511842f54db293

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