Quick: what do a magical novelty fortune-telling arcade machine and a device-focused online media store have in common? That's right: absolutely nothing. Which is exactly what we came up with when we asked ourselves why Google would give away the 1988 comedy Big staring Tom Hanks. Honestly, we're drawing a huge blank here.

But hey, we're not complaining. If you'd like a free digital copy of Big, head to this link and click "free." (Note: this alternate link seems to lead to a listing available in Europe in case the first link doesn't work for you.) You'll go through the purchase dialog, but the cost will be $0.00. If you're on your Android device, open up Google Play and search for the movie manually. Unlike the free copy of Elf that Google gave away last year, you can get this movie in high definition without spending a dime.


Google isn't saying how long the movie will remain free, but through the weekend is a good bet. Once you "buy" Big, you won't have to pay to download or stream it again, even after it goes paid once more. It looks like this offer may only be valid in the United States - lots of international replies to the Google Play Twitter post indicate that it's still paid in some countries.

Google Play - Big (Europe)