LG has a new commercial for the G Flex online, and it is exceptionally bizarre – and not in a good way. In the ad, a man receives a new G Flex, but upon opening the box his hand is transformed into a horrifying living phone with a mouth and an ear. He doesn't seem appropriately concerned about this.


The concept, apparently, is that the hand-phone monstrosity becomes the person on the other end... because it's the most human phone ever. I don't know why that means it has to actually be the guy's hand, but okay. It's not that the concept is without merit, but the execution is creepy as hell. How creepy? The mouth has a beard (what?!) and he feeds the mouth in his hand-phone. Then there's that business with the crab that emerges from the hand. I don't even know what to make of that. Was the guy on the other end eating a live crab?

You might also notice the mouth and ear that have grown on this man's hand are in the wrong configuration. The mouth should be by his ear (speaker) and the ear by his mouth (mic). So this isn't just regular nightmare fuel, it's logically inconsistent too. I have to assume this ad came about with the assistance of intoxicating substances.