Adobe's Photoshop Express app has rocked Android for longer than many of us have, so earlier this year it underwent a makeover for the big 2.0. The new app is zippy, attractive, and designed from the ground up for KitKat. Now Adobe is rolling out 2.1, and the most notable changes are two new in-app purchases. These two packs, already available in the iOS and Windows 8 versions of the app, are the Premium Looks pack for $3 and the Noise Reduction pack for $5.


The Premium Looks pack bundles up twenty new filters to jazz up those photos with. They're not particularly better than the many filters the app already contains out of the box. $3 just gets you more of them.

Premium Looks pack:

  • 60sTVGrab
  • Bright
  • Cinematic
  • Classic
  • Colorful
  • VignetteGlow
  • Grain
  • HiContrast
  • Infrared
  • Orange
  • Orton
  • Pinhole
  • Sepiall
  • Sepialll
  • The Blues
  • Twilight
  • VignetteBlue
  • Vintagell
  • WarmVintage
  • WhiteMist

The Noise Reduction option simply removes unwanted fuzziness from your images, particularly night photos. Yes, it's the kind of functionality you would usually expect for free. That's pretty bold, Adobe.