Just because a company files a patent for something, it doesn't mean that idea will eventually see the light of day. In this case, the patent filing in question doesn't just concern an unannounced but rumored product, it deals with a particular aspect. As it turns out, Samsung may one day want us to walk around interacting with our not-yet-confirmed-but-totally-expected Galaxy Glasses while typing on our palms.


The glasses presumably use a camera to project an augmented reality keyboard onto your fingers. You then type onto them using your thumbs, with the camera tracking their movement. The image below also shows the option to input text using a single hand.


Samsung filed the patent last year at the World Intellectual Property Organization and the Korean Intellectual Property Office. If the company does decide to follow through with this approach, I just hope they include Swype-style gesture support. I have finger fatigue just thinking about this.

Source: GalaxyClub.nl via SamMobile