Owners of the Nickelodeon Edition of the kid-friendly Nabi 2 tablet have probably been somewhat jealous of their non-Nick counterparts, which got an over-the-air update back in December which added compatibility with the Google Play Store. Or maybe it's just the parents of the owners who care. In either case, the Nickelodeon Edition Nabi 2 now has access to the Play Store courtesy of the latest OTA.


In addition to the Google Play Store (accessible in "Mommy or Daddy Mode"), version 2 of the software adds Wings Explorer, a huge collection of basic reading, writing, and arithmetic lessons aimed at kids. Google Play Services is also included, so the tablet has access to all the usual Google goodies like Gmail, Maps, Docs, and what have you. There's also at least one bug fix for the proprietary Treasure Box application.

Assuming you're in the adult mode, updating the Nabi 2 Nickelodeon Edition is exactly the same as any other Android tablet: head to the main Settings menu, tap "About Tablet," then "Update." Nabi says that the update file is an impressive 800MB, so you may need to free up some space on the relatively small 8GB storage drive. The software is still the somewhat outdated Android 4.1, so you may have some issues running some recent applications (but most games and kid-friendly apps should be fine). Enjoy.

Source: Nabi Support