The Touchless Control feature on the Moto X and Verizon's 2013 DROIDs (Ultra, Maxx, and Mini) is already one of the coolest Android manufacturer add-ons around. Today it gets just a little cooler: the Touchless Control app was updated to add a "What's up" command. This voice command will make your phone read out the unread notifications in your status bar. This should be great for hands-free updates while driving. Or bathing.

Here's an example of a single email:

The vocal response will adjust based on your notifications - for example, if you have more than one unread email, it will simply give you a number. If you have no unread notifications, it will simply say that "nothing much is going on right now." Once the Touchless Control app has read a notification, it considers it read and won't repeat it, despite the fact that it doesn't dismiss the notification in your bar.

This function doesn't activate Google Now, so it's unlikely that a "What's Up" command is coming to the Now app or launcher for more general Android devices any time soon. Oh, and one more thing: you can also activate the notification readout by saying "Read Notifications." You know, if you want to be lame.

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Moto Voice BETA
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