Mogees has surpassed its £50,000 Kickstarter funding goal with 13 days to go. Why should you care? Listen up. No seriously, click on the video below, and listen up. Written words don't quite do this concept justice.

That's right, Mogees takes any inanimate object and turns it into a musical instrument. The tiny accessory does this by translating vibrations into music notes that pump through your phone's speakers. The Mogees itself is a small sensor that plugs into your Android device, and it comes with a companion app that takes care of the magical bits without any talent on your part.



Okay, some talent is required. Technology can produce a note, but it takes skill to turn it into music. That said, you could do the same thing without paying for a Mogees at all. Banging on a trash can, a desk, or bowl of fruit can produce pretty compelling beats if you know what you're doing.

But most of us don't. So £40 (roughly $65) will get you a Mogees of your very own. Then maybe you too can be one of the cool kids.

Mogees - Play the World