As an Android-specific site, you might say we're a bit biased when it comes to some of the non-essential services built into apps. Seeing an app that allows a universal Facebook sign-in option, but not a Google alternative, really gets on our thungas. Case in point: popular magazine-style news reader Flipboard. Before the latest update, you could only access the service by signing into a new account the old-fashioned way or using Facebook.

Screenshot_2014-03-04-18-29-36 Screenshot_2014-03-04-18-30-53


As of yesterday's app update, you can now sign in or create a new Flipboard account with your Google (Plus) credentials. The Facebook and unbranded options are still available. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any way to move your linked account from one service to another - if you've already created a Flipboard account with a standard login or a Facebook login, there's no way to switch to a Google+ login without completely re-entering your feeds and settings. Oh well.

Screenshot_2014-03-04-18-41-49 Screenshot_2014-03-04-18-41-58 Screenshot_2014-03-04-18-42-16


The latest update doesn't add any other significant features, just the usual bug fixes and performance tweaks.