Sony's Socialife is an attractive app, but it has thus far only found its way into the hands of a limited number of users. This isn't an indictment of its quality. Rather, it speaks to the app's previous exclusivity. The news reader and social network aggregator has only been available for Xperia phones, tablets, and Sony VAIO PCs. Now it's open to any Android device running Jelly Bean or higher. Here it is running on a Nexus 5.

Socialife1 Socialife2 Socialife3

Socialife's style fits somewhere between Flipboard's highly animated approach and the subtle transitions found in Google Play Newsstand. The app scales to fit the screen of whichever device you're using, regardless of whether that's a smartphone or PC. Sony's trailer offers a look at how it works.

The app is geared towards casual use, but users have the option to import RSS feeds from all over the web. That, in combination with the excellent price point (free), might just make it worth checking out.

Source: Sony Press Release