We're still a bit more than a month out from Samsung's Galaxy S5 and Gear smart watches, but Samsung is looking to keep the hype train going with its new intro videos. You know the drill – it's super-pretty, everything works perfectly, and there's calming music in the background.


The Galaxy S5 video goes down the Samsung-approved bullet points one by one, showing off each feature. There's the camera, heart rate monitor, MIMI WiFi, ultra power saving mode, fingerprint reader, and so on.


The new Gears, on the other hand (or wrist) have a more limited feature set. The video only focuses on the Gear 2 and Gear Fit. The Neo doesn't look as pretty on camera after all. It gives you an idea of how to operate the devices and demos some of the ways the Gear ties into the phone.

If you're salivating after watching the videos, you might want to clean up – you can't get these devices until April 11th.