Google has posted its monthly snapshot of the Android Platform Versions distribution, and things are, unsurprisingly, inching forward for KitKat and Jelly Bean. KitKat is up from a share of 1.9% last month to 2.5% this go around, likely owed to the widening rollout of Android 4.4 to the Galaxy S4 and a number of other devices.


Jelly Bean continued to gain ground, too, up slightly this month at 62% as compared to 60.7% in February, with the individual breakdown still heavily favoring Android 4.1 as opposed to 4.2 or 4.3.

Gingerbread's steady decline is ongoing, losing another percentage point in the March 2014 distribution, down to 19%, while Froyo has basically held steady, at 1.2% versus the 1.3% reported last month. As always, the dashboard has other useful info like screen size and Open GL version distributions, so hit up the link below.

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