Verizon is shaking up its prepaid plan options today, starting with a new name: ALLSET (ALL CAPS). Unlike some competitors, the basic plans start at a flat fee and the only expansion options come from Bridge data BRIDGE DATA add-on packs. The smartphone plan starts at $45 a month for unlimited voice calls and text messages, plus a somewhat paltry 500MB of data.

verizon allset

If 500MB seems a bit low for your prepaid data needs, you can top it up with BRIDGE DATA packs. $5 gets you an additional 500MB (expiring after 30 days), $10 gets you 1GB, and $20 is the best deal at 3GB (both expiring after 90 days). If you sign up for auto-pay, you can also get a bonus 500MB added to the basic plan if you enroll in auto-pay... though that kind of defeats the purpose of prepaid. Wi-Fi hotspot functionality is included with the smartphone plan.

Those with family in Canada, Mexico, or Puerto Rico will appreciate unlimited texts and 1000 minutes of calling a month to those territories. Downsides to Verizon's new prepaid options include a limited selection of phones (the $100 Verizon Moto G is easily the best in Verizon's short list of prepaid options) and no access to the LTE network.

Source: Verizon ALLSET Prepaid Plans