No one app is going to make an Android device immediately safe from any and all threats, but some can make it easier to remain ever vigilant. viaProtect may one day be such a app. This piece of software gives you a basic idea where the apps installed on your phone or tablet are sending your information. It doesn't go into specifics, but it will at least show you how much of your traffic is encrypted and some other security-related information.

viaProtect1 viaProtect2 viaProtect5

Perhaps more interestingly, viaProtect offers a look at what companies' servers your data is speeding off to and where they reside in the world.

viaProtect3 viaProtect4

There isn't much else to the app right now, but since this is just a public preview, that's kind of the point. Check it out below if you're interested. It's available for free.

The app was not found in the store. :-(