Streaming local media to Chromecast isn't that difficult of an endeavor these days. Sure, there isn't an official Google app that will slap those media files onto a TV for you, but between AllCast and Solid Explorer, there are options. There's also LocalCast, an app like AllCast whose singular purpose is to get media from your Android device to something with a bigger screen.

LocalCast1 LocalCast2 LocalCast3

The app's latest update has added the ability to connect to network storage via Samba and cast files from them straight to Chromecast. The feature works, though there are some issues. Chromecast doesn't support all video or audio codecs, and while LocalCast technically isn't to blame for the formats it can't play, it doesn't help you figure this out. You will have to experiment manually, staring at an endless spinner until you realize it isn't going to work. Here's Google's list of what your Chromecast should be able to handle.

Samba streaming also takes a little longer than casting files locally. The app creates a pass-through server, transferring files to your device first before sending them to the Chromecast. This adds to the amount of latency you can expect, especially with high bitrate videos.

Neither of these issues are deal-breakers, and they don't counteract how cool the new functionality is. LocalCast definitely gives competitors a run for their money, especially when you consider its clean and polished UI. Just note, it comes with ads by default, but paid options starting at $1.38 are available to get rid of them.

What's new:

  • Connect to your NAS via smb and cast the files
  • UI changes
  • Navigation drawer and settings tidied up
  • More settings: Sorting option / Hide path
  • Chrome logo removed
  • Queue added
  • The app now accepts all links from your browser, most embedded videos will play
  • Diashow added
  • Image and Music casting added
  • UI Redesign
  • Multiple fonts added