HTC isn't expected to announce the new HTC One until late March, but press renders of the device have already been circulating online. Now things have gotten even leakier with a 12-minute video showing all the angles of the device, as well as some of the software.

Based on what can be seen in the video, HTC's new flagship definitely has a more round appearance and plenty of KitKat transparency with the on-screen buttons and colorful status bar. The dual rear cameras are also on display, but the original poster doesn't seem to know what the second one is for (he suggests at one point it might have something to do with focus). According to the video, there is an SD card slot in this phone, which wasn't an option in the original HTC One.

The video itself is a bit disjointed and the person behind the camera has trouble getting some parts of the software working correctly. Although, the giant ID sticker on the back of the M8 probably indicates this is an early dev unit that wasn't supposed to be demoed for the public – bugs are to be expected.

The original video was pulled down from YouTube shortly after it was spotted, but it's already been mirrored all over the internet. This isn't a professional reviewer handling the device, so don't expect a peek at all the software features you've been wondering about. Nevertheless, it's still the best glimpse we've gotten of the new HTC One.

[Thanks, Matteo Ventura, Dan Lott, Daryl Ford, and everyone else]