The Xposed Framework provides incredible, fine-grained control over the features and functionality of Android. You can do almost anything, but sometimes you just need an extra button – it's good for that too. ViewInPlay is a new module that handily creates links to the Play Store.

Screenshot_2014-02-25-17-28-16_35 Screenshot_2014-02-25-17-32-47_35 Screenshot_2014-02-25-17-33-21_35

When activated, this module adds a button to the app info screen that links out to the app's Play Store page. Cool, but there's another module that does this. ViewInPlay goes a step further by placing a link in the recent apps list too. Simply long-press on the app preview and 'View in Play' will be in the pop up.

If you have Xposed installed, this module will be easy to install. Just open the APK, enable in settings, and reboot. As with all things root, use caution. The APK is available on XDA and there is source available.

[XDA, GitHub]