Reddit Is Fun is a minimalist third-party client that keeps your focus on the task at hand - Redditing. Unfortunately, there's been a few areas where the app could use some work. The current version lacks pull-to-refresh and doesn't provide the ability to stop checking modmail (notifications for moderators) independently of regular mail. Clicking on New also serves a pop-up to select New or Rising every time, rather than just showing new content. In the beta version rolling out now, these issues have all been addressed.

redditisfun1 redditisfun2 redditisfun3 redditisfun4

Now pulling a feed will refresh it, modmail settings are separated from regular mail, and New and Rising content have been given separate tabs. You will need to join the reddit is fun public alpha and beta testing Google+ community before you can get your hands on this functionality.

Alpha and beta testing opt-in:

  1. Join the Google+ community
  2. Hit one of the opt-in links in the Google+ community's sidebar.
  3. Wait a few hours for Google Play to send the new version

If you would prefer to stick with the stable version for now, here are the links.

rif is fun for Reddit
rif is fun for Reddit
Developer: TalkLittle
Price: Free