Are you ready for a sci-fi adventure with aliens, spaceships, and lots of lasers blowing stuff up? Well, you get two of those in the hotly anticipated choose-your-own-adventure game Out There. It's available now on Android, and it ought to be compatible with almost all devices.

In Out There, you play the part of an astronaut waking up from cryogenic hyper-naptosis (or something) far away from Earth. You must survive and make your way through space to unravel a mystery and save mankind. Riveting, yes? Exciting though it may be, this game contains no combat, which is very intriguing. Explosions and laser blasters are an easy way to make sci-fi engaging, but getting people hooked on a story is much harder.

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There are over 300 decisions to be made in this game, each of which affects the outcome. Out There also comes with an "eerie" custom soundtrack and neat comic book-style graphics. You can pick it up for $3.99 in the Play Store.

Out There: Ω Edition
Out There: Ω Edition
Developer: Mi-Clos Studio
Price: $4.99