Crescent Moon Games calls its latest mobile title, Demonrock: War of Ages, a "reverse defense" game. What does that mean? It's a dungeon crawler that tasks you with breaking through the enemy's defenses (not that unlike every other dungeon crawler out there). Reverse defense equals offense, and there's about all you're going to do here. You have four heroes to choose from, each ready to break through hordes of enemies in their own way.

Demonrock1 Demonrock2

Demonrock3 Demonrock4

Demonrock doesn't come with many surprises. The game plays as you would expect, and the characters look the way you would assume. The game consists of hacking and slashing your way through over thirty enemy types spread across forty levels and collecting loot to upgrade your equipment.

Oh, and you can buy gold. $1.99 will get you some, and $19.99 will get you more. How much? Well, I couldn't quite tell. Take a look.


Okay, maybe the game does come with some surprises.

Considering that the game Crescent Moon released yesterday, Shadow Blade, contained a single IAP to purchase the full game, Demonrock's inclusion of virtual currency is somewhat disappointing. That aside, the game looks predominantly free to play.

Demonrock: War of Ages
Demonrock: War of Ages