Hardware demos don't get much worse than this one. Archos CEO Loic Poirier wanted to demonstrate just how much punishment one of his company's smartphones could take, but he didn't get quite the results he wanted. He was able to drop the phone just fine, but when he placed the device in a glass and filled it with water, apparently the handset had taken all it could handle.

Le directeur d’Archos casse un smartphone censé... by Spi0n

The device in question is the Quechua Phone 5". The French brand is associated with hiking, biking, and other mountain sports capable of making your typical smartphone nervous. This handset is supposed to able to handle the abuse, but obviously there's a clear limit to how much it can take. In this case, it may be the water pressure, not the water itself, that did the phone in - but that doesn't make this video any less painful.

Update: The CEO probably should have read up on the Quechua Phone 5" before doing the demo. The device has an IP54 rating, meaning it isn't built to withstand being submerged in water. Even its own website reads:

The Quechua 5'' Phone complies with the IP54 standard. Developed to withstand the most demanding outdoor conditions. It is designed to withstand splattering with water from all directions as well the harmful effects of dust and sand.


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