ARM still dominates mobile devices more than two years after Intel started making chips suitable for Android phones and tablets. The company is taking another swing at it in 2014 with the newly announced Merrifield and Moorefield chips. These processors pack updated GPUs, new 64-bit architecture, and an efficient 22nm manufacturing process.

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The Merrifield chips are now officially known as the Z34xx family. According to benchmarks produced by Intel, the dual-core Z3480 processor is capable of besting the Snapdragon 800 and Apple A7. Although, those SoCs are well into their life cycle while the Z3480 isn't due out for a few months. Merrifield processors will include a PowerVR G6400 GPU and Intel's IMM 7160 LTE platform. It can run as fast as 2.13GHz and supports 4GB of RAM.

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Later in 2014, the Moorefield Atom chips are expected to be released – these will have Z35xx model numbers when the time comes. They ought to be very similar to the Merrifield platform as far as the architecture goes, but will be quad-core with a faster PowerVR 6430 GPU and IMM 7260 LTE. Intel has worked out a deal with companies like Lenovo, Dell, and Asus to get its Atom chips out there.