Many earbuds and headsets these days come with basic volume up and down buttons that let you manage volume levels without having to pull out your phone. It's nice functionality, but it's also a bit boring out of the box. That's why you will want to install the latest version of the Degauss Headset Control Center. This app raises the bar when it comes to controlling music playback. Not only can you customize what happens when you press each button, you can set actions for when you double-click, triple-click, quadruple-click, and, yes, quintuple-click them.

Center1 Center2 Center3

Headset Control Center doesn't just control music. You can set certain button press to handle calls, launch voice search, or open specific apps. It's even willing to read the time out to you, making it arguably more convenient than a wrist watch.

What's new:

  • Added 5 clicks
  • Fixed "Redial Last Number"
  • Easy change and selection of Music Player in Start screen
  • Automatic Headset detection will launch the selected Music Player
  • Control App is inactive when headset is not connected
  • Auto detect most phones default Music Player upon installation
  • Support for many more Music Players

There's support included for over 20 music apps, with most of the big name options covered. So the next time you plug in a pair of earbuds, Headset Music Control will launch your app of choice automatically. It's not the most attractive app, but it could help you breathe new life into your favorite headset without having to spend a dime.