The expansive parking lots of your local mall can be a nightmare as you scan the sea of metal and glass to find your car. There are plenty of apps that will set a GPS marker to help you find it, but you have to actually remember to use them. Auto Finder takes care of things for you all on its own, though. Just install the app, and it always knows where you left the car.

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Auto Finder uses the sensor data from your device to determine when you get out of the car. It simply marks that location on the map so you can find it later. This all happens in the background and requires no setup. The longer you use Auto Finder, the more accurate it is supposed to get. The app also supports directions and manual locations.

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With something like this, you have to wonder about battery life. We've been checking this app out, and so far it hasn't made a dent. The interface looks nice too – clean and big on the holo. You can also choose between the Google Maps satellite and standard view. Auto Finder is free, but might get some premium features later.

Auto Finder
Auto Finder
Developer: keyboardr
Price: Free+