Samsung is no stranger to teasers, but with Mobile World Congress just days away, the excitement surrounding the Galaxy S5 is reaching fanboy-ish proportions. It's a perfect time to drop a teaser video that throws around the number 5 to get everyone all amped up, and that's what Samsung just did.

The trailer has a lot of verbs and nouns raised to the 5th power, which I suppose is how Samsung has decided to indicate this is about the Galaxy S5 without actually saying it. Speed to the 5th power? Okay, I'm in, but I'll pass on the selfie to the 5th power. Also, surprise to the fifth power sounds... upsetting.

The 'Next Galaxy' tagline at the end makes it pretty clear this is Samsung's new flagship, not some other device or a variant of the S4. This announcement would be earlier than last year's GS4 event, so maybe we'll see the device for sale sooner rather than later.