Earlier this month Facebook celebrated its 10-year anniversary by introducing "Look Back" videos, bite sized glimpses at what each of us have shared on the social network over the years. Depending on how active a person you are on the site, these short clips may fill you with overwhelming nostalgia as you look back over time gone by. But Facebook's videos are capable of more than that - they can also serve as brief reminders of who you are and the kind of life you've lived, and they can do this even after you're gone. Today Facebook is introducing the ability for family members to request "Look Back" videos for loved ones who have passed away. If you've lost someone, you can make a request for their video here.


Facebook is also slightly changing the way it manages accounts belonging to the deceased. Previously, accounts were switched to friends-only upon death. Now pages will remain as-is so that extended communities can continue to view the page the way the owner intended while they were alive. This is ultimately something else for you to think about while managing your privacy settings. Which memories are just for loved ones, and which do you want the world to see after you're gone?

Source: Facebook