On an Android blog like ours, you're accustomed to reading about the rechargeable lithium ion batteries crammed inside smartphones and the external battery packs that can pump juice back into them. Today we're shaking things up. The SkyRC NC2500 is the kind of accessory that can make keeping up with those AA/AAA NiMH batteries you may have lying in a drawer somewhere less tedious. Just pop your batteries in, install the Android app, and look at those charge levels go.

SkyRC1 SkyRC2

The NC2500 is also a discharge analyzer, so inside the app you can see more information about your batteries than you probably care for. What's the provided voltage, current temperature, and amount of time it's taken to charge? It's not useless information by any means, though I imagine capacity will be the statistic most people are interested in.

Now here comes the downside. At $98.05 on Amazon, the NC2500 is a bit on the pricey side. But hey, what does price matter when something's cool?


SkyRC Smart Charger
SkyRC Smart Charger

SkyRC AC2500 NiMH Battery Charger on Amazon

Via: Petagadget