Samsung's advertising has been somewhat hit or miss lately, ranging from pretty decent scifi ads for the Galaxy Gear to cringe-worthy infomercials for the same product. But it looks like there's been something of a shift in the company's promotional direction, or at least in the way that it responds to Apple's sometimes hyperbolic TV ads. Check out this new one-minute spot for the Galaxy TabPRO 10.1.

The ad plays up the TabPRO's high-resolution screen with a better aspect ratio for movies versus the iPad Air, plus its ability to fit multiple apps on the screen at once, which has been a staple of TouchWiz for a while. It's the irreverent, almost sarcastic tone that really sells it, offering an entertaining counterpoint to Apple's almost worshipful advertising. Oh, and Samsung's tablet is thinner by a whole .2 millimeters.

The TabPRO isn't the only product getting some love in the new campaign. Check out this new ad for the Galaxy Note 3, once again featuring Samsung's favorite omnipresent NBA star. It slams the iPhone 5s for having a smaller screen with a lower resolution... which is a pretty easy put-down when your phone is basically the LeBron James of mobile hardware.

Good stuff, Samsung - these are considerably better than similar "anti-Apple" ads from Microsoft and Amazon. Make as many of these as you like.

Source: Samsung Mobile USA YouTube