Pathogen is a turn-based strategy game, but it doesn't involve armor-clad warriors waging war against hordes of miscellaneous fiends. Instead, it tasks shapes of one color with overcoming similar shapes of another hue. It's the kind of simplistic, easy-to-grasp, abstract experience that tends to be very successful on mobile platforms. Now, after having made itself cozy in a competing app store a couple months ago, Pathogen has found its way onto Google Play.

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Pathogen pits players against each other in an engagement requiring the kind of tactical prowess you would expect from a timeless board game. The multiplayer mode takes place either on a single screen or online, but there's also a lengthy single-player campaign and multiple difficulty levels to provide plenty of replay value even when alone. All of this comes packaged together for $2.99.

Pathogen - Strategy Board Game
Pathogen - Strategy Board Game
Developer: Gameblyr
Price: $0.99