Fans of Motorola and ROM flashing will be excited to learn CyanogenMod is giving them what they want. NewCM11 nightly builds of the popular ROM now support a ton of Motorola devices with unified builds. You just have to figure out which phones are which – it's a little tricky.

2014-02-19 10_31_56-CyanogenMod Downloads

There is a single ROM for the Falcon, which would be a cool name for a phone. It's actually the Moto G, and it looks like this ROM should work for all variants. The new listing for 'moto_msm8960' appears to be a unified ROM for all Motorola devices that run that particular Qualcomm chipset. That's the venerable Snapdragon S4, which powers devices like Photon Q, Atrix HD, Razr M, and Droid Razr HD.

2014-02-19 10_32_14-CyanogenMod Downloads

Last but not least is a unified ROM that supports the moto_msm8960dt devices. The MSM8960DT is the dual-core flavor of S4 Pro used in Motorola's new generation of phones. That means this ROM should work with the Moto X, Droid Maxx, Droid Mini, and Droid Ultra. A few individual versions of the Moto X were covered before. Flash at your leisure, but use caution as always.

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