Everyone needs torrents in their pocket, right? How else are you going to get all your Linux distros downloaded on the go? Until now, the official BitTorrent app for Android was a bit ungainly, but version 2.09 seems to make some solid improvements.

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Here's the changelog for v2.0

  • Completely updated design
  • Select files within a torrent
  • Choose torrent download location before or after torrents have started
  • Choose to delete torrents only, or torrents & files

The UI is mostly in line with the Android design aesthetic. There are some weird bits with the popup windows, but it's a vast improvement overall. Loading a torrent file now also gives you the option to pick individual files within the torrent to download. Those files can be routed to any location on the device before you start, or even changed after things are already under way.

The BitTorrent app is free and powerful. You know what they say about great power – it comes with the responsibility to not be a jerk.