The leaks of the HTC M8 keep rolling in. The latest one comes to us courtesy of @evleaks, and it shows a possible black version of HTC's upcoming flagship with the new Sense 6. Oh, and it's in a case. Though it looks like there's nothing behind the cutout on the upper right side, so as usual, make of these leaks what you will.

At this point, we've seen enough to expect another unibody phone made of aluminum, only this time the handset's packing not one, but two rear-facing cameras. In addition to that, it looks like HTC's flagship will adopt virtual navigation buttons, but this apparently doesn't mean the company is ready to get rid of its logo from the bottom of the handset. Personally, I feel that the device might as well keep the current One's capacitive keys if it's not going to make better use of the space, but that's me.

Source: @evleaks