It may seem at first that Colossus Escape is an endless runner, but that's not entirely accurate – it's broken up into levels. Not that you don't have a reason to run pretty much forever... Colossus is a very angry looking god-like being and he's right behind you. You have to keep running and picking up potions to avoid being eaten, which is bad news for everyone but Colossus.

The basics of gameplay are pretty easy to grasp. As you run across the cliffs, there will be gaps and obstacles to jump over. However, you also have a sword to take out the waves of monsters coming at you. All the while the mad god is on your tail, waiting to snatch you up.

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The game has a neat look and seems polished for the introductory price of $0. A $1.99 in-app purchase removes the ads so you can enjoy the first chapter of the game in peace. Three more chapters are listed as 'coming soon.'

Colossus Escape
Colossus Escape
Developer: Logicweb
Price: Free+