My football buddy lives on the east side of Dallas. I'm way out west of Fort Worth. Since there are more than fifty miles between us, neither of us know the area of the megacity that's directly in the middle very well. When football season rolls around again, I'll give Meet Me Halfway a try: it's a simple little app that locates the midpoint between two people and helps you find good places to meet in the area.

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Initially Meet My Halfway just showed a physical midpoint between two addresses, as the crow flies. But with a few adjustments, it now shows the middle of the Google Navigation directions, making sure that the two parties spend roughly equal amounts of time driving to meet each other. Even better, it will show you selections of nearby points of interest, giving you instant meeting places. The interface is dead simple: just enter your address, their address, and press the button.

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Meet Me Halfway could use a general pointer function - I doubt Craigslist buyers will be eager to divulge their exact address to strangers. That said, it's a solid little tool, especially considering it's still in beta. The developer seems amenable to user feedback as well. Meet Me Halfway is a free download for Android 2.2 or higher - KitKat users, check out those transparent navigation and notification bars.

Meet Me Halfway (Beta)
Meet Me Halfway (Beta)
Developer: Jonathan Nakhla
Price: Free+