Samsung's HomeSync took a while to hit store shelves, and it isn't exactly the type of product people needed to hold their breath for. It primarily allows users to stream content from their Samsung Galaxy devices to their televisions, but it can also store music and games on its internal hard drive. It's cool, but there are already numerous ways of doing this, and judging from Amazon consumer reviews, this may not be one of the better ones. But if you want one, the Samsung HomeSync is currently available for $50 off as a flash deal.


At $249, the HomeSync still isn't a cheap product, but you get 1 TB of storage to work with. That isn't bad if you own a handful of Samsung devices that can work with it. You will probably have the most luck with a Galaxy S4, but the S3 should also work, along with Galaxy Notes and Galaxy Tabs. Your mileage may vary depending on which device you try, and any other brands need not apply.

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