Do you want to show your support of both Google Now and Google Chrome? Do you need some kind of cotton garment to cover the space between your neck and your waist? Do you have twelve bucks? Then T-shirt seller Qwertee's daily sale is for you. Today Qwerty is offering the C-REX design from Marco Pedrazzolli. The background is taken straight from the default mountain view in the Google Now app, and the little T-Rex in the foreground should be familiar to anyone who's had problems connecting to a page in Chrome. 

37572 37572 (1)

If you're not in the market for a T-shirt, Marco was kind enough to upload his design to both Dropbox and Google Drive in a staggering array of resolutions that should fit just about any mobile screen, laptop, or desktop. The files are 100% bits, completely polyester-free.

C-Rex 1920x1280

The C-REX design comes in standard green for gents and ladies, or a dark grey for kids or sizes above 2XL. Shipping is three dollars for the first shirt and a $5.90 for two. The shirt design is only being featured for the next twenty hours (ending 6 PM Eastern tomorrow), so pick one up soon if you want it. The desktop wallpapers probably don't have an expiration date.

Thanks, Marco!