In case you didn't already know, ThinkGeek (in collaboration with Google) makes an adorable Android plush doll - it's about nine inches tall and has pose-able arms and a rotating head. Plus, it's super soft.

Typically, the doll goes for $9.99 from either ThinkGeek or Amazon, but the latter has it on sale for just $5.99 plus about $4 shipping for those without Amazon Prime.


At $5.99, the plush is an absolute no-brainer for those who have an Android obsession, love adorable squishy toys, or have children on the track to Android fandom. Just hit the link below to grab one while the sale lasts.

Update: It seems the seller offering the plush doll for $5.99 has run out of stock for now. Amazon is now defaulting to another seller, who's offering the doll for just $2.99 (plus $5.99 shipping), though it isn't Prime eligible.

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