The holiday season saw a ton of tablets dip below the coveted $100 mark, but there weren't many of them that were actually worth even that low price. But today you can pick up the 32GB version of the original Tegra-powered Nexus 7 from Newegg for a cool c-note... assuming you're OK with both a refurbished model and a rebate in the form of a $50 prepaid Visa card.

newegg n7

That's still a pretty good deal if you're willing to jump through the hoops. The going rate for a new 32GB model is $160. Unfortunately this is the old-fashioned mail-in rebate: you submit a code to a Newegg website, mail in your UPC, and receive a $50 Visa card in return. (Why couldn't you just log into Newegg and submit your order number? Ugh.) Adding more hoops, only purchases between now and February 28th are eligible for the free card.

That said, $150 for a 32GB AOSP KitKat tablet is decent, and you can use the rebate to buy a nice case and stand. There's a limit of one rebate per household, and free shipping is available. This would make a decent starter tablet for a child or someone who isn't sold on Android. You aren't likely to find a better deal at retail with the possible exception of the latest Kindle Fire.

Source: SlickDeals