This weekend's poll is a pretty simple one, but one that I'm curious to see the results of given our worldwide audience: how did you pay for your current phone?

In the US, there are generally three ways (broadly speaking) you can buy a smartphone - on-contract from a wireless carrier (aka subsidized), outright (full price, no contract), or as part of an installment / financing plan. Carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile offer phone financing plans, offsetting the full cost of a device by spreading it over the course of one or two years. Some smartphone manufacturers like Motorola even offer no-interest credit financing if you buy a phone from them directly.

To be clear, for the purpose of this poll, buying a phone using a credit card does not count as installments or financing, unless that credit offer was from the phone manufacturer or a wireless provider.

If you didn't buy your current phone (eg, it was a gift, it was a trade, etc.), choose the option that to the best of your knowledge applies to the person who did originally purchase it.

How did you pay for your current phone - outright, subsidized, or in installments / financing?

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