Google's had fun creating new Auto-Awesome animations that match the theme of every holiday season these days, but this latest one is rather amusing. For Valentines Day, Google has rolled out animated hearts that will automatically appear on any photos of people kissing. This can add a little extra spark to that loving picture of you and that special someone. As usual, the animation may not appear immediately, but Google+ will shoot you a notification when it's ready.


That's not all. Mr. Jingles may not be himself today with all this kissing going on. He's never been one to look down in the dumps, but today he's really feeling the love.

MrJingles1 MrJingles2

If you're not already in the Valentine's Day spirit, these additions probably won't do much to change that. But hey, that doesn't mean you can't at least re-upload one of these pictures and have yourself a laugh.


Source: Google+

Thanks, Leonardo Soler!