A brand new OTA began rolling out to the 2013 Nexus 7 LTE just two days ago, and today those changes finally appeared in AOSP. As is the tradition, Al Sutton built a list of changes and posted them to his site. Every bug fix and tweak from KOT49H (4.4.2_r1) to KVT49L (4.4.2_r2) is included. There isn't a lot to look at, but if you're interested in what's new, you can find the developer changelog here.


The changes appear within just three groups: kernel, Calendar, and LatinIME. The latter is actually the name for the AOSP software keyboard, which also happens to make up almost the entire changelog. The changes aren't particularly interesting, mostly tweaks to naming, themes, and minor bug fixes.

There is one small exception in commit 87cd391. It has the comment, "handleBackspace should always send KEYCODE_DEL for InputType.TYPE_NULL," which stands out to us because it appears to be the fix for a potential Bug Watch candidate. This should save a little bit of grief for a few developers that were running up against this issue.

Since these changes don't appear to be very urgent, it's hard to explain why this update rolled out. Still, we're always happy to see fixes!

Thanks, Al Sutton!

Source: FunkyAndroid